Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

When preparing to submit a proposal, alert us (Pat Litza and myself) at least a month ahead of time.  If the proposal is complicated, CALS Research Division asks for a minimum 1 month lead time to get documents in.

We ask you send your budgets for proposals into us 2 weeks ahead of the deadline, so we can get the Divisions to review and OK them.  You can modify them if the change is simple, but we encourage you to have your budget finalized 2 weeks before the deadline.

CALS Research asks that all finished proposals be submitted to them 5 working days before the deadline.

As many Agency submission dates have a number of proposals being submitted, the 5 day rule allows CALS to carefully review requirements and documents before sending them on.  The submission rule also allows for unexpected occurrences such as holidays (everyone left SMPH at 2 pm today), illnesses, training of the staff, and other occurrences.  When proposals are submitted at the last minute, there is a good chance something will go wrong, particularly as electronic submissions with numerous proposals can get clogged.  You could lose your opportunity to submit for that dates, if the system is down.

We also ask you to provide us with Needed Grant Info which helps us get your records set up and reduces the number of emails/phone call between you and us to get the information.