Adobe Creative Cloud Now Available on Personally Owned Devices

All UW-Madison faculty and staff now have access to a federated Adobe Enterprise login, allowing them to access Adobe Creative Cloud and a breadth of Adobe services at no cost to them, both at home and at work. This is licensed under our Adobe ETLA for installation and use on either personally- or UW-owned computers.

This KB doc describes the login procedure:

The new Enterprise login is similar to a retail Creative Cloud subscription, and provides several new advantages for campus employees above what was previously offered, including:

Home use on personally-owned computers for no additional charge;

  • Access to Adobe Services, including Behance, Typekit, Portfolio, and many others;
  • 20GB of online storage;
  • The ability to download just the apps one wants, saving tons of disk space and download time. More apps can be downloaded at any time.

Adobe Services now available at no cost include tools such as:

  • Behance, a social media portfolio service;
  • Typekit, a library of high quality fonts available as part of this license;
  • Portfolio, a website editor for easily showcasing creative work;
  • Spark, a tool for easily creating social graphics, web stories and animated videos;
  • PDF Services, allowing one to share, create, combine, export, organize, fill, sign, send and track documents;
  • Additional services including Story CC Plus, Team Projects (Beta), Edge Inspect, Publish Online, PhoneGap Build, Lightroom Mobile, Device Preview, and Extract.

Adobe does limit named-user logins for each user to a maximum of two active installations. However, if one runs into this limit when installing on a third computer, Adobe makes it easy to remotely deactivate other installations, so this shouldn’t be more than a minor inconvenience.

Serialized installation packages made with the Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) can still be used for installation on UW-owned computers in computer labs or, as departmental IT policy dictates, across departments.