Laboratory of Genetics moving to Office 365 on April 20th


As you may already know, UW-Madison is moving to Office 365 for email and calendar. I am pleased to announce that Laboratory of Genetics will be moving to Office 365 on April 20th.

Although you will receive more information about the transition to Office 365 over the next few weeks, here are a few of the most important facts that you need to know:

  • Although the full Office 365 suite includes other products – such as Lync for chat and OneDrive for storage – UW-Madison’s initial implementation will include email and calendar only. Additional features may be added later.
  • Your email messages and attachments will be migrated to the new system. You will also be provided with a “snapshot” of your calendar to help you re-create all of your meetings in the new system. A more detailed outline of exactly what will and will not be migrated is available here.
  • As a part of the transition to Office 365, you will have the opportunity to reserve a new email address in the following format: Don’t worry – you will still get to keep your current address(es)!
  • After the transition, you will be able to access email and calendar via a web browser using Outlook Web App. You can see a preview of what Outlook Web App will look like here. You can also configure most smart phones and tablets for Office 365.
  • If you want to use a desktop email and calendar client with the new system, Outlook is Microsoft’s recommended option. For Windows users, supported versions include Outlook 2013 (recommended) and Outlook 2010. Outlook 2011 is available for Mac users. If you choose to use Thunderbird with Office 365, you will be limited to read-only calendar access. You can find an overview of the features available for different clients here.
  • Ultimately, moving all of UW-Madison to a single calendaring system will make scheduling much simpler. However, during the transition, scheduling with groups who have not yet moved to Office 365 may require a few additional steps. Detailed instructions will be available to help you through this period.

In order to make our group’s transition to Office 365 as smooth as possible, your participation will be required throughout the process. You will be asked to:

To help make sure you feel comfortable with the transition, I will be sending information about the actions you need to take at each step in the process. For a broad overview of the steps you will be required to take during the transition to Office 365, please see: Office 365 – Migration Checklist

If you want to find more general information about the transition to Office 365, the following resources are available:

If you have questions about the transition to Office 365 at any point in time, please feel free to contact the DoIT Help Desk.


Isaac Knoflicek